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About AWT

Angadi World Technologies is a pioneer in web development and web design. We design custom websites and applications as per our clients’ requirements. We use platforms such as WordPress, Bootstrap, PHP, React Native, Spring Boat, etc. to design, develop and deliver products that are of the best standards. For the best services when it comes to web development, web design and mobile applications, you need not look further than Angadi World Technologies (AWT).  

AWT is dedicated to helping companies leverage their potential in the best possible manner in today’s digital era. We serve organization actions by developing custom technologies tailored to meet their specific needs. 

AWT- The Best Web Development and Technology Company in Bangalore

Discovery & Research

Designing & Prototyping

Personalization & Storytelling

Testing & Migration

Our Approaches

  • Research
  • Plan
  • Strategize
  • Implement
  • Optimize

We perform extensive research on the market niche of our clients and also analyze their competitors before the development and design of the technologies. This provides us with insights into the planning process.

Next, we design a plan and framework for the development of the website, mobile application or software. This lays the groundwork for the execution of the project.

After planning, we strategize on the course of actions and tasks that need to be performed. This ensures that the development of the product is streamlined and organized.

We execute the strategies and plan in a timely and effective manner so that the technology is developed in an efficient way according to the specific requirements.

After the product is designed and developed, we try to optimize it and improve upon it by fixing loopholes and making the usability smoother.

Our Clients

Client satisfaction is our utmost priority, so we always strive towards making our products perform in the most optimum manner to help their companies.

Our Strength

We derive our strength from our commitment to delivering technologies of the best quality to help clients reach greater heights.

Our Team

Our team of highly skilled professionals develop technologies in a cohesive and efficient way.


Customers and workers are the two most essential stakeholders in AWT’s mission: to provide world-class IT solutions for a wide range of sectors while optimizing value and growth in both the customer’s and the company’s business.

To achieve this, we must constantly encourage innovation, talent, cost-effectiveness, technical excellence, and the use of global processes.


Our vision is to be a globally recognized, customer-centric Supply Chain Solutions Company that enhances customer competitiveness. Innovate and create user-friendly, highly functional products employing the newest technologies

Engage and nurture top people in your industry.

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